How to Build Clientele: Top Booksy Features for Recent Cosmetology Grads

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The summer is finally here. And that means a host of recent graduates have finished their studies, walked across an aisle, and entered the job market. Although cosmetology students graduate year round, this is a perfect time for anyone entering the world of beauty to review the top Booksy features designed to help industry professionals learn how to build clientele. 

Learning how to build clientele is a great way for recent cosmetology graduates to set themselves on a path of constant clientele growth and maintenance. It’s particularly necessary for recent grads to start creating a roster of clients as quickly as possible. And that’s because earning loyal customers can also lead to repeat business from quality referrals. 

This article is especially designed for cosmetology students who are just starting out and want to learn more about building clientele. But if you’ve been in the industry for some time, feel free to read through these tips on how to build clientele. Some of them could help your salon or barbershop truly thrive during this challenging time for many service professionals. 


Booksy Marketplace

For any recent cosmetology grads still looking for ways to answer the question of how to build clientele, get started by checking out Booksy Marketplace. It’s a great way to increase clientele inside a salon or barbershop, because it lets new customers use our online software to get valuable insight into the vibe and feel of your space.

Clients access Booksy Marketplace by starting with a search via our Explore Tab. That same potential customer then gets to explore Booksy Marketplace for services and exact availability. Consumers can use Booksy Marketplace to browse businesses in different industries based on special offers. It’s also possible to discover the nearest salons or shops using the Map View.

After a little bit of time searching through Booksy Marketplace, clients arrive at Business Profiles, which are considered the keys to our city. Clients use Business Profiles to access all of the information they need to make a decision on whether they will book your services. So, make sure your Business Profile does a great job of marketing your brand.

Invite new clients to start using Booksy Marketplace. Then take full advantage of our in-app resources. Keep Client Cards to customize your experience with each customer by adding notes about their likes and dislikes, so you can build your relationship by always knowing the preferences of the person in your chair. Use Client Tags to group customers for later discovery, or use them for sending targeted messages to a specific group of clients.

Profile Completeness 

When it comes to learning how to build clientele, another major step that a recent cosmetology grad with an active Booksy account can take is to follow the Profile Completeness steps. Fully updating and completing a Booksy profile helps market a business on our platform. Every completed step will help an industry newcomer better showcase their work, establish their brand, and reach more clients.

Since we know that getting acquainted with new software can be frustrating, it’s easy to follow the Profile Completeness guide to set yourself up for success. We’ll take you through all the steps for learning how to build clientele. Then you can use Booksy to put your best foot forward. And for recent cosmetology school graduates that means accessing tools that work. 

The simple and effective list of steps is designed to help your business succeed. It lets you better engage with our community of customers. And that’s because Profile Completeness rewards business owners who are willing to respond to prompts, such as adding workplace photos, collecting 250 different 5-star reviews, or writing a business description.

The Profile Completeness steps unlock different rewards—almost like an online game, except you’re always the winner. Each business owner gets the opportunity to access new opportunities to earn the most out of using Booksy. Learn how to build clientele while setting up your profile and establishing your brand. Use it to make sure that every minute of your valuable time counts.

Message Blasts 

Message Blasts are another great tool if you’re ready to learn how to build clientele, especially by establishing brand loyalty. The way that Message Blasts works is simple. Avoid manually messaging all of your new clients or repeat customers. Instead, send them all a bulk message at once with just one click. Communicating with your clients has never been easier.

Better promote your services by making use of this valuable marketing tool. Get more clients in your chair by keeping them up to date on the exciting things you’re doing inside the shop or salon. Tell them about special offers or exclusive access. Inform people if your hours are going to change. And make sure they stay excited while informed, as your business grows.

Make use of Message Blasts in a number of other ways. For example, it’s easy to access your unique Booksy link and send that to loyal clients via Message Blasts. Get them to pass your link onto their friends and family members. Consider offering a discount on the next service for your regular. And send your link to people in your contact list, who’ve yet to book time in your chair. 

Also make sure your business thrives by using Message Blasts to send pleasant holiday messages. Lets clients know you’re thinking about them, while reminding them about their upcoming appointments. Holiday messages will help make sure that clients feel more appreciated. And this seemingly small step can translate into more repeat business.


Social Post Creator 

Mastering the Social Post Creator is another great way for recent cosmetology grads to help build clientele. And that’s because attracting new customers means marketing your business and communicating information. With the Social Post Creator, it’s easy to share details about your work by publishing a digital flyer that expresses the vibe of your brand.

The Social Post Creator is designed to help Booksy providers create high quality ads. These eye-catching, online flyers can be published on Instagram or Facebook. Use them to better engage online traffic by stopping viewers in their searches. Let the Social Post Creator communicate valuable information with a striking picture and relevant text about your business. 

Another reason why the Social Post Creator works perfectly for industry newcomers is that it doesn’t require any experience in ad design or accompanying apps. All you have to do is choose a category for your online post. Then select an already designed template. Or create your own fully customized message and pair it with a quality image. Then post the digital flyer to spread the word about your work. 

The Social Post Creator can also help you send holiday Message Blasts. Provide valuable information regarding changes to your hours or location, or show gratitude to new and returning customers. This valuable tool can also help attract new business, especially when combined with seasonally inspired Last Minute Discounts, Happy Hours, or Flash Sales.


When it comes to the software tool that truly stands out—Boost is a tried and true champion for experienced Booksy providers and recent cosmetology grads, because it helps with building clientele. It's designed to make sure your Booksy profile gets more online attention. And that makes it the perfect feature for anyone wondering how to get more clients into the salon or barbershop.

Every Booksy business owner is eligible to start using Boost to bring in new clients and keep your calendar filled. Just open the Booksy Biz app to activate Boost to get started. The reason it’s so useful is that Boost gives Booksy profiles additional exposure by ranking them higher in our search engine, which means more online traffic and the potential for more bookings.

With Boost, it's easy to generate more revenue by getting a boost in our search results. It helps attract new customers. And it entices regulars to come back for more. Just keep in mind that for every new client that you earn from Boost, we collect a percentage from the first service of that new client. After that, 100% of the profits go straight to your business.


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