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Booksy is the go-to app for salon owners, offering a seamless way to organize your salon's schedule, promote your services, and expand your client base

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Whether you run a busy salon or manage a dynamic team of beauty professionals, Booksy provides tailored solutions to support your unique journey.

Why Booksy?

Yashira Hiraldo about Booksy app

"Not just a booking app."
Yashira Hiraldo · Salon Owner

Angel Cardona about salon software

"Collaboration is the key to success."
Angel Cardona · Salon Owner

The top choice for salon software

Shante from Georie about Booksy beauty salon software

Shante, Georgia

Saves me hours on scheduling and phone tag.

Christiana from Missouri about beauty salon system

Christiana, Missouri

Booksy pays for itself.

Tiffany from Texas about beuaty salon app

Tiffany, Texas

I got 6 new clients in one day.

Salon software for all – from growing businesses to established salons.

Salon appointment scheduler

Optimize your schedule.

Booksy salon software includes a user-friendly customer app, 24/7 online booking, and automated appointment reminders. Say goodbye to constant calls and texts and get more time for your clients, your business, and yourself.

  • 24/7 Client Booking
  • Customer app
  • Integrated with Facebook, Instagram, Google & more
Salon Prepayments system

Protect yourself from no-shows.

Keep your clients accountable. Reduce no-shows and cancellations by up to 25% and get compensated for lost bookings. If you're eager to fill empty slots, take advantage of built-in marketing tools at no extra charge.

  • Deposits & Cancellation Fees
  • Automatic reminders for clients
Beauty salon software for business and customer

Invest in your success.

Flexible and convenient payment solutions that help you see your success in real time. With integrated Checkout, Mobile Payments, and Booksy Card Reader, you can get booked and get paid all in one app.

  • Contactless in-app Mobile Payments
  • Booksy Card Reader
  • Fast payouts and low fees
Marketing tools for beauty salons

Keep clients coming back.

Booksy's beauty salon app comes with everything you need to grow your business. Save time and reach all your clients at once with email or SMS Message Blasts. Collect and share Reviews to build your reputation and increase bookings.

  • Message Blasts
  • Promotions
  • Reviews
Everything you need in one beauty salon app

Everything you need, right here.

Booksy provides all the tools and support you need to make informed decisions, from performance reports to live customer support. Switching from another platform? Enjoy a seamless transition with our free data migration service.

  • Performance reports
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free migration from other apps
Staff and client management

Keep your momentum.

Follow your passion, and let Booksy handle the admin. Our beauty salon management software simplifies client data organization, staff and shift management, documentation, and even product sales – all in one place.

  • Staff & client management
  • Sell retail products
  • Track inventory
Barber who uses the Booksy app
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Frequently asked questions

How does Booksy salon software work?

Booksy salon software simplifies salon management by offering a comprehensive suite of tools for scheduling, client management, marketing, and payments. Clients can book appointments 24/7 through the app, which automatically sends reminders to reduce no-shows. Salon owners can manage their business on the go, track performance with reports, and utilize integrated payment solutions for a seamless checkout experience. It's an all-in-one platform designed to streamline operations and boost growth.

On what devices can I use the Booksy salon software?

You can use Booksy beauty salon software on a wide range of devices with different operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Windows. Whether you're using an iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, tablet, or a computer running Windows, you can effortlessly manage your salon's operations. The versatility of Booksy's platform caters to the diverse technological preferences of beauty salon owners, offering a seamless and consistent experience across all your devices and operating systems.

Is Booksy software also a POS for salons?

Yes, Booksy software includes a Point of Sale (POS) system for salons, integrating seamlessly with its scheduling and management features. This built-in POS functionality allows beauty salon owners to handle transactions, process payments, and manage financial operations all within the same platform. It's designed to streamline the checkout process, making it easy and efficient for both staff and clients. With Booksy's POS system, salons can enjoy a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for managing appointments, client interactions, and financial transactions.

How long can I use Booksy software for salons for free?

You can use Booksy software for beauty salons for free during its 14 day trial period. This trial offers you full access to its suite of features, allowing you to explore how Booksy can fit into and enhance your salon's operations before committing to a subscription. The trial period is a great opportunity to experience firsthand how Booksy's scheduling, management, marketing, and POS functionalities can streamline your business processes and improve client satisfaction. After the trial, you'll can choose a subscription plan to continue using Booksy's services.

Will I have a chance to acquire new customers by using the Booksy salon software?

Yes, using Booksy salon software significantly increases your chances of acquiring new customers. Booksy features a Marketplace where over 25 million customers discover and book local beauty services. By listing your salon on Booksy, you make it visible to a large audience actively seeking beauty services, thus enhancing your salon's online presence and attracting new clients. Additionally, Booksy integrates with social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Google, allowing clients to book appointments directly through these channels. This not only simplifies the booking process for potential clients but also broadens your salon's reach, driving more bookings and boosting your client base.

Is Booksy salon software safe to use?

Yes, Booksy salon software is safe to use. It employs robust security measures to protect both salon owners' and clients' data. This includes encryption for data transmission, secure storage practices, and compliance with industry standards and regulations regarding data protection and privacy. By prioritizing user security, Booksy ensures that all transactions, client information, and business data are handled with the utmost care, giving salon owners peace of mind while using the platform.

Can we help you migrate from your current salon software to Booksy?

Yes, Booksy can assist you in migrating from your current salon software to Booksy. This service is designed to make the transition smooth and stress-free, ensuring that your salon's operations continue without interruption. The migration process typically includes transferring client data, appointment histories, and other relevant information from your existing system to Booksy. To initiate the migration or to get more details on how it works, you can contact Booksy's support team. They'll guide you through the steps and provide the necessary support to ensure a seamless switch to Booksy, allowing you to enjoy its comprehensive features without losing your valuable data.