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The #1 App for Nail Techs and Salon Owners

To us, you're not just a technician. You're an artist. You create and deliver the designs your clients dream of. All the other stuff? It needs to flow. Booksy streamlines the small stuff so you can focus on running your business — and not the other way around. Showcase your work, engage with clients, prevent no-shows or cancellations, and let clients book 24/7.

What makes Booksy the best nail salon software?

Shante from Georgia about nail salon app

Shante, Georgia

The marketing, client management, and reporting capabilities really set Booksy apart.

Christiana from Missouri about software for nail technicians

Christiana, Missouri

I love that fact clients can book themselves. Very easy and convenient.

Tiffany from Texas about nail salon software

Tiffany, Texas

Booksy has made my life as a nail tech so much easier! It takes a lot off my hands.

Polish your brand, your calendar, and your business.

Nail appointment scheduler

Deliver a professional experience

Running a successful business? Nailed it. Booksy works for you behind the scenes, allowing you to focus on your clients, improving your skills, and catching up on trends -- and not on business admin.

  • 24/7 Client Booking
  • Calendar Management
  • Integrated with Instagram, Facebook, Google, and Yelp
  • Padding Time
  • Parallel Clients
  • Customizable Service Offerings
Nail tech booking system

Your artistry, on display

You’ve worked hard to get your business off the ground. Along with freeing up your time, Booksy's nail salon software helps establish your vibe and amplify your work. Build out your Business Profile and Portfolio images to showcase your talent and attract new clients.

  • Business Profile
  • Portfolio
  • Social Post Creator
  • Reviews
Nail business management

Build and grow your clientele

All the tools you need to manage and grow your client base, in one spot. Use Message Blasts to build relationships with clients and keep them coming back. And when you'd like to be busier, activate Boost to bring new clients in the door.

  • Client Management
  • Message Blasts
  • Boost
No-show protection in nail salon

Set boundaries to protect your time and your money

No-shows aren't just upsetting -- they cut into your livelihood. The Booksy app for nail techs helps secure your income with robust No-Show Protection features. On average, Booksy poviders reduce no-shows and late cancellations up to 25% and recoup over $400 in lost revenue each month.

  • Deposits
  • Cancellation Fees
  • Appointment Reminders

Why Booksy?

Alexandra Nanette - Nails by Nanette about Booksy app

How To Run a One-Woman Nail Business
Alexandra Nanette · Nails by Nanette

Spifster Sutton - Spifster Nails about Booksy software

“Everything I’d need an assistant to do."
Spifster Sutton · Spifster Nails

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Barber using an online appointment app

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Frequently asked questions

Why is Booksy the best nail salon software?

Booksy stands out as the best nail salon software due to its comprehensive features that cater specifically to the needs of nail artists and salon owners. Here's why:

1. 24/7 Client Booking: Booksy allows clients to book appointments at their convenience, anytime, anywhere, which is essential for attracting customers who prefer making plans outside of traditional business hours.
2. Client Management and Marketing: With Booksy, nail salons can easily manage client information, send out message blasts for promotions, and use the Boost feature to attract new clients, helping to build and maintain a loyal clientele.
3. Portfolio Showcase: Nail artists can display their work through Booksy's Business Profile and Portfolio features, making it easier to attract new clients by showcasing their talent and previous designs.
4. No-Show Protection: The platform helps reduce no-shows and cancellations by up to 25% with features like prepayments and cancellation fees, protecting the salon's revenue.
5. Customizable for Your Needs: Whether you're a solo entrepreneur or run a busy nail salon, Booksy offers tailored solutions through its Booksy Biz Lite and Booksy Biz Pro options, ensuring you have the right tools for your business size and needs.
6. Integration and Ease of Use: Integrated with major social media platforms and designed for ease of use, Booksy simplifies appointment scheduling, calendar management, and even includes a complete checkout solution.

By addressing the specific challenges nail salons face, from scheduling to marketing and client management, Booksy provides a versatile and user-friendly platform that supports nail salon growth and enhances client satisfaction.

If I start using Booksy, will my clients be able to make nail salon appointments online?

Yes, if you start using Booksy for your nail salon, your clients will have the ability to make appointments online 24/7. This feature is a key benefit of Booksy, allowing clients to book their visits at their convenience, even outside of your business hours. The online booking system is designed to be user-friendly, enabling clients to easily select services, choose their preferred nail technician, and find available time slots directly from their smartphones or computers. This accessibility helps improve the customer experience and can significantly increase your bookings by catering to clients who prefer the ease of online scheduling.

Will I be able to place an appointment widget on my nail salon's website?

Yes, with Booksy, you can place an appointment widget on your nail salon's website. This widget integrates seamlessly with your site, allowing clients to book appointments directly without having to leave your webpage. It's a convenient way to enhance the user experience and capture bookings from clients visiting your website. The widget is designed to match your salon's branding and can be easily set up to reflect your available services and booking slots, making it an effective tool for increasing online bookings and streamlining your appointment scheduling process.

Is Booksy software also a POS for nail salons?

Yes, Booksy software includes a Point of Sale (POS) system for nail salons. This integrated feature allows you to manage transactions, process payments, and keep track of sales directly through the Booksy app. It's designed to streamline the checkout process, making payment transactions smooth and efficient for both your staff and clients. With Booksy's POS system, you can also manage inventory, sell products, and even handle gift card sales, providing a comprehensive solution to cover all your nail salon's operational needs in one platform.

Can I use Booksy to manage inventory in my nail salon?

Yes, you can use Booksy to manage inventory in your nail salon. Booksy offers features that enable you to keep track of your products, like polishes, treatments, and other nail care supplies. You can monitor stock levels, set up alerts for when items are running low, and manage orders and suppliers, all within the app. This functionality helps ensure that you're always stocked up on your salon's essentials, allowing you to provide uninterrupted services to your clients. Managing your inventory efficiently with Booksy can save you time and help avoid overstocking or running out of popular items.

How will Booksy help organize the work of nail technicians employed in my salon?

Booksy helps organize the work of nail technicians employed in your salon through its comprehensive management features designed to streamline scheduling, client handling, and day-to-day operations. Here’s how:

1. Individual Schedules: Each nail technician can have their personalized schedule within the app, making it easy for them to see their appointments, manage their time, and prepare for upcoming sessions.
2. Service Management: Customize service offerings for each technician based on their specialties or the specific treatments they provide, enhancing the booking experience for clients and ensuring technicians work on services they're best at.
3. Client Notes and Preferences: Technicians can access client profiles, notes, and history, enabling personalized service and fostering client relationships. This feature is particularly useful for tailoring nail art or treatments to individual preferences.
4. Time Management: Booksy's scheduling system includes features like padding time between appointments and managing parallel clients, helping technicians maximize their workday efficiency without feeling rushed or overbooked.
5. Task Delegation: For salons with support staff, Booksy allows you to assign tasks or clients to specific technicians, streamlining workflow and ensuring that everyone knows their responsibilities.
6. Performance Tracking: Booksy provides performance snapshots, giving you and your technicians insight into productivity, popular services, and client feedback, which can be used for evaluations and growth planning.

By centralizing these operations within Booksy, nail technicians can focus more on their craft and less on administrative tasks, enhancing both the quality of service provided and the overall efficiency of your salon.

How much does Booksy nail salon software cost?

At Booksy, we offer a free trial so you can explore all the features and benefits of our nail salon software. This trial is a great opportunity to see how Booksy can fit into and enhance your salon's operations. After the free trial period, our pricing is structured to accommodate the size of your team. The base cost for using Booksy is $29.99 per month, which covers the account holder. For each additional staff member who needs access to the software, there's an additional cost of $20 per month. This pricing model is designed to be flexible and scalable, supporting your salon's growth every step of the way.