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Reach more clients near you. Boost gets you noticed, your talent and reviews get you booked.

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More visibility for your business

Boost is a Booksy marketing tool designed to increase your business’s exposure to more clients near you. Activating Boost enhances your visibility on our Marketplace and in the Booksy for Customers app.

It's optional to turn on, and you only pay when it works.

Leverage the power of Boost for your business

  • Get better visibility on the Marketplace
  • Be featured in recommended galleries
  • Get a “Booksy Recommended” badge on your profile

Only pay when it works.


2nd visit and beyond:
0% commission

After the first visit, that client is yours. The next time that client books with you, you get 100%. Service, tip, everything.


Forever return on your investment

If a Boost client comes in once a month for a $150 service, that's $1,800 a year. All for a one-time fee of $45.


One-time 30% commission

If a client books with you for the first time while Boost is on, you pay Booksy 30% of the total cost of the first visit. The tip? That's all yours.

Boost FAQ

Keep clients coming back

We already know you’ll deliver an amazing service to your new client. Our built-in tools are designed to build meaningful relationships and keep clients coming back:

  • Keep detailed notes - Use Client Cards to keep private notes and photos about the service you provided, and anything you talked about during the service.
  • Show your appreciation - Automated message blasts let you send personalized thank you messages after visits.
  • Invite them back - Booksy sends automatic "book again" reminders to clients 3 weeks after their first visit.

What Booksy providers say about Boost

Using Boost to grow you business

Sam Carter's Tips & Tricks: Boost

"I've profited almost 10 times over with Boost. It has played a huge role in the growth of my business. I spent about $930 in promotion costs on Boost over three years. I've made $10,010 in sales from the 70 new Boost clients, who have made 442 visits.”
Savanna Wilhelmi

Owner of Studio Flex

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