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A great way for any business owner to stay focused is to have a goal in mind. For master level barber Keino Valley that goal is simple—he wants to teach his three sons how to cut hair and eventually open a barbershop for each of one his boys, so they can all become entrepreneurs. 

For anyone who hasn’t met Keino, he’s a Booksy Ambassador, a JRL educator, and a platform artist who’s better known as humblythegreatest. And to reach his modest goal of opening a few doors to enrich the lives of his sons, Keino has mastered the art of using Boost successfully.  

For those who don’t know, Boost is our premiere marketing tool kit designed to deliver new clients to our business owners. For every new client a Booksy professional gets from Boost, we collect a percentage from the first service of that new client. After that, 100% of all profits go to the business owner. 

Although Keino acknowledges that Boost is a powerful marketing tool, which can fill empty chairs and keep his schedule booked, Keino also believes that Booksy professionals need to become familiar with Boost to maximize its potential and make sure it works to its best ability.  So, if you’re thinking about activating Boost or simply want to make sure you’re getting the most out of this valuable resource, read closely to learn from an industry expert. Find out more about using Boost successfully and get valuable insight into this chance to keep your calendar full.

Using Boost to Earn More Income

It’s been about a year since Keino activated Boost. And he’s always been a fan. But a few months ago, Boost really came through for Keino. Like many talented industry professionals, Keino had to put down his clippers and stop working, because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

As a husband and a father of three, the shutdown really hit hard for Keino. And that’s because being a barber is more than just his life’s passion. Working behind the chair is the means that this man uses to feed his family. So, when he went back to work as an independent contractor at Blurry Fades in Lake Worth, Florida—Keino had to hit the ground running. 

Unfortunately, clients that Keino worked with for over 20 years were hesitant about returning to shop, due to the pandemic. Across the country, the number of services completed by barbers and stylists fell by 80% and cancellation rates nearly doubled, according to Booksy data.  

When Keino felt that hit, he used Boost to get his name back out there. Boost helped him attract new customers, who needed a new barber. Remember, it’s free to activate Boost. But we do take a percentage of the first service booked by the new client that we send to each Booksy professional who activates this tool. 

According to Kenio, he has made $575 in revenue from Boost this year. In total, Boost brought him 10 new clients. And they have visited his chair a total of 18 times. And all of this happened over the past year, while business was at its lowest, due to the pandemic. 

“I’m a numbers guy. So, I like to see the breakdown. That’s how you can gauge and see if something is advantageous or productive or not and learn how much it helps,” he said. Keino added that he can take out his phone anytime and crunch the numbers to see exactly what Boost is doing for him and his business, and he loves that.

Maximizing the Added Attention from Boost

For Keino, Boost is a valuable marketing tool that has helped him earn hundreds of dollars, during a time when every new client really mattered. But Boost isn’t the only marketing tool that Keino uses. In fact, he believes in combining Boost with several marketing strategies for best results.  

He said that using Boost successfully is the key. And the first step to accomplishing that is for every professional to develop a strong business brand. Keino is living proof that Boost will get more people to see your profile. “But what happens when they see your work?” he asked. 

It’s important to stay true to yourself, but select eye-catching colors and use them in your Booksy profile. Upload high quality images that showcase your shop and your work. And spend time adding intimate details to your social media accounts to better connect with clients. 

How do you carry yourself and how does the atmosphere look? According to Keino, these questions need to be taken into consideration. If you can create a look that’s conducive to the multitude then that’s a profile that is ready to be Boosted. And remember that your overall look is very important when you’re trying to Boost your profile. 

“You want to give them an idea of who you are as a person, not just who you are as a barber. If you’re a family man, if you’re a father, if you’re a husband—it starts there,” he said. Then integrate your social media with Booksy to make sure your brand consistently has an aesthetically pleasing look across numerous verticals to encourage newcomers to book. 

Keep in mind that social media clients don’t come from Boost. So, Booksy doesn't collect anything there. Integrating your social media accounts with Booksy, while you have Boost activated is simply a winning strategy to help professionals cover all of their bases. 

Keino concluded that getting positive reviews, social media marketing, and taking active steps to improve your Booksy profile are all important. And if you’re taking those steps with a profile that has Boost activated, you’ve successfully increased your chances of getting more clientele. 

Kenio educating

Keep Boost Clients Coming Back

When it comes to the subject of using Boost successfully to attract more clients, most of the advice that Keino offers is geared towards projecting the right image. And that’s because first impressions are so very important to new customers.  

Kenio gave one final piece of advice to help others master using Boost successfully. And that’s to make absolutely sure you turn on those customer service skills, especially when new clients are in your chair. If you activate Boost, make sure your Booksy profile and your social media accounts look appealing and integrate nicely. Then, the last step is to activate the charm, he said.  

At the end of the day, Boost is a tool. It will help you get more attention and it will help you keep attracting new customers. But your customer service skills and your atmosphere are the final details that will influence whether or not those new clients stay with you.  

“You have to invest in yourself before people invest in you. You have to invest in your own chair and invest in building your own clientele. That’s something that barbers should know from barber school,” he said. Keino added that great customer service skills are one of the most important investments any industry professional can make. 

Boost was really helpful when Keino needed it. “It’s done wonders for me. But don’t get me wrong, we have to still do the basics. We still have to pound the pavement. But if you have the tools, why not use them? If your profile can be Boosted, go for it. Then you’re receiving clients simply off of that. Why not take advantage?” Keino said. 

If you’re ready to activate Boost, simply login to the Booksy app. Open the main menu. Select More and then click Boost. Finally, choose Start Today! 

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