Booksy Card Reader

Boost revenue and speed up payments with the Booksy Card Reader – the only card terminal fully integrated with Booksy.

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Spend less time chasing and tracking payments

Process any credit card and mobile wallet payment on the spot. It’s quick, safe, and easy.

Booksy Card Reader is fully integrated with Checkout so you can keep your rhythm, even when you’re bouncing between appointments.

Low, transparent fees

Just 2.49% + $0.10 per transaction. Transparent rates, no monthly fees. Once you have your Booksy Card Reader in hand, you only pay when you’re bringing in money.

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Faster and more secure than cash

Get your money in your bank account the next business day* for FREE, or use Fast Payouts to get your money in 30 minutes (1.5% fee). All backed by the security of Stripe.

*Some exclusions may apply

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One app, all your business needs

Get clients on your books, seamlessly check out without jumping between apps, and harness powerful sales and revenue reporting to keep a pulse on your business.

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Give the full checkout experience

The BBPOS WisePOS E offers a complete experience from the front desk, or any device. The dynamic display screen provides an engaging experience with on-screen tipping, and the ability to review transaction details in real time.

  • Processing: Swipe, dip, or tap
  • Connection: WiFi
  • Power Source: rechargeable battery
  • Devices: mobile, tablet, or computer

Process payments on the go

The Stripe Reader M2 is ideal for accepting payments on your mobile device, giving you the flexibility to process transactions while you’re bouncing between appointments, traveling to clients, or at an event.

  • Processing: Swipe, dip, or tap
  • Connection: Bluetooth
  • Power Source: rechargeable battery
  • Devices: mobile, tablet
Payment using Booksy Card Reader
+10% in Tips
+10% in Tips

Make an average of 10% more in tips.

3x Options
3x Options

Offer customers three ways to pay. Insert, tap, or swipe.

+18% Growth
+18% Growth

Increase your average booking value by 18% in three months.

30 min Fast Payouts
30 min Fast Payouts

Fast Payouts puts money in your bank in 30 minutes.

Our pros make more, faster

Tamekia Swint I Stylez4Kidz
Booksy Card Reader has enabled Tamekia to offer a better customer experience by speeding up the checkout process by 5x.

Amanda Annoreno I Loft 24
Amanda uses Booksy Card Reader to make 10% more in tips, and to ensure that her money's in the bank when she needs it.

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Our experts break down everything you need to know about Booksy Card Reader, including how you can earn more money while improving the customer experience.

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