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Booksy is the leading app for tanning salons, offering a seamless way to organize appointments, attract more clients, and promote your business.

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You make your clients glow, day in and day out. Let Booksy do the same for your business, with custom solutions designed to support your unique journey.

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"Booksy is a game changer - I don't know why I didn't try it sooner!"

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Tanning salon system review

"I've tried other online booking sites, and Booksy is by far the best one."

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Tanning salon app review

"Since switching over from another app, I've had more bookings with Booksy."

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Tanning salon management software that does it all.

Tanning salon Appointment scheduler

Organize your day.

When you list your tanning salon on the Booksy Marketplace, clients in your area can book you no matter where they find you. You control your calendar and availability, and all they need to do is pick a slot. Get booked via:

  • The Booksy Customer App
  • Your website
  • Instagram & Facebook
  • Google Maps & Search
  • Your personal QR Code
Marketing tools for tanning salons

Build a glowing reputation.

Booksy's tanning salon app comes with everything you need to grow your business. Send out Promotions to all your clients at once with email or SMS Message Blasts. Collect and share Reviews to build your reputation and increase bookings. When you want to stay busy, activate Boost to keep your tanning beds booked.

  • Custom Business Profile
  • Message Blasts
  • Promotions
  • Reviews
  • Boost
Smart app for tanning salons

Work smarter, not harder.

Booksy takes the admin off your plate, so you can focus on providing the best client experience. Manage bookings, clients, and product inventory in one place.

  • Staff & client management
  • Sell retail products
  • Track inventory
tanning salon system

Make your time count.

When a client books a slot, Booksy helps make sure you get paid - even if they don't show up. No-Show Protection secures your income, so you know what to expect day to day - and year to year.

  • Deposits
  • Cancellation Fees
  • Automatic reminders for clients
Booksy tanning salon software with mobile payments

Multiply your success.

Booksy tanning salon software offers flexible and convenient payment solutions for you and your clients. With integrated Checkout, Mobile Payments, and Booksy Card Reader, you can get booked and paid without switching between apps.

  • Contactless in-app Mobile Payments
  • Booksy Card Reader
  • Fast payouts and low fees
Performance report in tanning salon software

Here to help you shine.

Booksy tanning salon software provides all the tools for informed decision-making. Diversify your income with built-in features designed to help you grow.

  • Performance reports
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free migration from other apps
  • Online Gift Cards
  • Packages & Memberships
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Frequently asked questions

What is tanning salon management software?

Tanning salon management software is a specialized digital tool designed to streamline the operations of tanning salons. This software simplifies various aspects of running a tanning business, from appointment scheduling and client management to sales tracking and marketing. Key features often include online booking capabilities, allowing clients to schedule their tanning sessions 24/7, inventory management for tanning products and accessories, employee scheduling to manage staff shifts and assignments, and marketing tools to promote services and special offers. Additionally, it can provide analytics and reports to help salon owners make informed decisions about their business. By automating administrative tasks, tanning salon management software enables salon owners and staff to focus more on providing excellent client service and less on time-consuming paperwork.

How does Booksy tanning salon software work?

Booksy tanning salon software streamlines the management of your tanning salon, enhancing your ability to organize appointments, attract more clients, and effectively promote your business. Here's how Booksy works to support your tanning salon:

1. 24/7 Online Booking: Clients can schedule their tanning sessions at any time, even after hours, directly through the Booksy app, your website, or integrated social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Google. This accessibility increases your chances of capturing bookings outside of traditional business hours.
2. Marketplace Visibility: By listing your salon on the Booksy Marketplace, you tap into a network of over 25 million customers looking for local services, significantly increasing your salon's exposure and attracting new clients.
3. Reduced No-Shows: Booksy reduces no-shows and cancellations by up to 25% through features like prepayments, cancellation fees, and automatic appointment reminders, helping to secure your salon's income.
4. Marketing Tools: Utilize Booksy's marketing features to build your salon's brand and keep your tanning beds booked. Promotions, Message Blasts, and the ability to collect and share client reviews amplify your salon's visibility and reputation.
5. Efficiency Gains: Booksy saves you around 12 hours each month by reducing the need for phone calls, texts, and DMs for bookings, allowing you and your staff to focus more on client service and less on administrative tasks.
6. Business Management: Beyond scheduling, Booksy supports comprehensive business management, including staff and client management, inventory tracking, and retail product sales, all within one platform.
7. Payment Processing: With integrated checkout, mobile payments, and the Booksy Card Reader, Booksy offers flexible and convenient payment solutions, streamlining the transaction process for you and your clients.

Booksy tanning salon software is designed to support the unique needs of your business, from solo operators to larger salons, ensuring that managing your salon is as relaxing as the services you provide to your clients.

Will Booksy tanning salon software work on my iPad?

Yes, Booksy tanning salon software will work on your iPad. The Booksy app is designed to be compatible with various devices, including iPads, allowing you to manage your tanning salon efficiently from a tablet. This compatibility ensures that you can access Booksy's full range of features, from appointment scheduling and client management to marketing and payment processing, all with the convenience and portability of your iPad.

Is Booksy software also a POS for tanning salons?

Yes, Booksy software includes a Point of Sale (POS) system for tanning salons. This integrated POS system allows you to manage transactions, process payments, and track sales directly within the Booksy platform. It's designed to streamline the checkout process, making it easy for you and your staff to handle payments efficiently and securely. With Booksy's POS system, you can also manage your salon's retail products, from tanning lotions to accessories, ensuring that every aspect of your business operations is covered.

Is Booksy a free tanning salon software?

Booksy provides a free trial so you can explore the app and discover how it can streamline operations for your tanning salon. This trial period allows you to get acquainted with Booksy's features without any upfront cost. After the trial, pricing for Booksy's tanning salon software is structured based on the size of your team. The base cost is $29.99 per month, which includes access for the account holder. For each additional staff member who needs to use the app, there's an additional charge of $20 per month. This pricing model is designed to scale with your business, ensuring that you only pay for what you need as your salon grows.