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Booksy Payment Types

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Booksy has already made your life easier. But we’re not complacent.  

Booksy supports 3 main types of payments at our PoS:

  1. Offline payments - this covers all payment types done outside of the app where the merchant manually records how the client paid for their service. These are included in sales reports and cash register reports to show how the client paid for the services and how much you should have in your cash register.  Subtypes: Physical Card Terminal, Cash, Voucher, Amex, PayPal
  2. Online payments - users can pay for services via the Booksy mobile app. When users save their cards in the Booksy app, we are able to quickly charge them during checkout. Encouraging clients to use the Pay by App option also allows you to use the Prepayments and Cancellations Fee features.
  3. Integration with mPoS - the merchant can use mobile card terminals to charge their clients and easily connect see those transactions in Booksy.  Example: Square. We’ll talk more about Booksy integration with Square in a second.

Okay, so what about Square?

Square is an in-person card payment using mPOS (mobile card terminal). Booksy has additional integration which helps process the payment with the device. Booksy doesn’t hold this money, nor is it responsible for refunds. 

Currently this system is available in the UK, USA and in Canada. All you need to have is an active account at Square and be logged in the Square app. Making payments in Square is also super easy. You simply start a new transaction and change payment type to Square. Then you click charge. The Square app will open and you proceed with payments in the Square app. 

Once the transaction is completed, you will be taken back to the Booksy. And that’s it! But this is all well known by our Booksy users. So you might wanna ask yourself: how can we make your and your clients’ lives even easier, since our payment methods are so ridiculously great?

Well, we can. Just wait.

As you already know, Booksy allows you and your clients to make no-cash transactions through our salon management app. Our PoS system allows you to charge your clients for services, products, and cancellation fees while giving clients an easy way pay from their phone. Our Cancellation Policy guarantees that you get fair compensation for your time- even if a client misses an appointment.

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