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Whether it’s shopping on Amazon, searching for a new restaurant, or simply hiring a new dog walker—online customers take reviews into heavy consideration. So, if you’re a beauty, grooming, or wellness professional then you should too.  

Remember that every time a client leaves your chair, the Booksy software sends that customer an automated message asking them to leave a review via the app or through the website. Clients who don’t leave a review right away are sent a second request to do so 24 hours later.  

Although these reminders happen automatically, it’s still important to be proactive about earning five star reviews. Take this time to learn about going the extra mile from Jairo Maldonado, a barber with 1,428 five star reviews from clients who love booking with JairoStyle MasterBarber

Jairo understands the value of earning authentic reviews from clients. And he takes steps to encourage loyal customers to share their feedback about his services. So, get ready to learn from this master level barber who also owns and operates his own space called Elegance BarberShop, where he brings 12 years of experience to each appointment.  

This business savvy professional has over 60,000 Instagram followers, in addition to earning thousands of five star reviews from clients who rave about his work. All of these details and so many more makes him the perfect person to speak with about earning more five star reviews.

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Understand the Impact of Five Star Reviews 

The online review system within the Booksy software is designed to help industry professionals like Jairo earn more five star reviews. Because once a business owner starts earning more reviews, they become more visible in the Booksy search engine. 

Unlike other review sites, only clients who actually booked and completed a service through Booksy can leave a review. This system guarantees that the reviewer is a real client and not a business trying to earn some additional shine by bolstering their own image with a fake review. 

Part of the reason Jairo subscribed to Booksy is that he knew it would market him successfully. Jairo knew his Booksy profile would help him showcase the fact that so many of his clients are not only satisfied but legitimately excited about his work.  

“Basically, if you want me to go into more detail, each Booksy review helps me leave a legacy behind with every cut. My profile gets hiked up a little higher in the system, when people leave positive reviews that show appreciation for my work. And even more people can respond to that by booking more appointments, which translates to more business,” said Jairo.

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Ask Clients Directly to Leave Reviews

Another key piece of advice from Jairo is to directly ask clients to leave reviews. Although people heavily rely on reviews while choosing a business, they don’t always think to leave feedback. Asking clients to say some words about their experience goes a very long way with getting more reviews, Jairo said. 

Before any client leaves his chair, Jairo encourages them to say something on his behalf. It’s important to ask for a review with a loyal client or a newcomer while they’re still in the shop, instead of expecting them to write a few words about the experience when they’ve left his space.  

Although reviews are a word mouth kind of way for people to learn about your work, it’s best to give your clients an extra nudge to leave more reviews, said Jairo. A truly savvy business owner could also add some incentive via signs that read “for 15% of your next visit, let us know about our work by writing a review online.” 

And don’t be afraid to publish your best reviews onto Instagram and Facebook. Use the Social Post Creator to create customizable digital flyers to best showcase your reviews. Then publish them onto your social media accounts to keep spreading the word about your work. 

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Always Respond to Reviews

Regardless of whether or not a person responds favorably to your work, one of the most important ways to encourage clients to leave reviews is to make sure to follow-up with each client who leaves feedback about your work, said Jairo. 

Jairo answers the vast majority of reviews that people leave within the Booksy application. It gives him the opportunity to encourage people to come back into the shop for another visit, while thanking them for taking the time to leave a review.  

Even if there’s a negative review, it’s important to assess the feedback to make sure you know how to improve. One of the biggest things that those comments allow Jairo to do is up the quality of his game, because he understands that not every single client is going to like his work.  

Based on the comments that he reads in reviews, Jairo has learned what changes he needs to make inside the shop. Over the years, Jairo has learned to play different types of music and to add more modern features to the barbershop that he owns and operates. For Jairo, reviews that offer criticism give him the opportunity to do things differently to enhance the quality of his work. 

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Apply Top Notch Customer Service Skills

If you want to earn more five star reviews, set a high standard with regards to customer service, Jairo said. He added that it’s important to show respect for the women in the room. And make absolutely sure that clients feel they have ownership of the space. Then make sure people always have access to amenities like wireless internet.   

When it comes to doing business, Jairo said he learned most of what he knows about cutting hair while growing up in Puerto Rico. That experience taught him how to create a space for people of all walks of life. It also taught him how to focus on seemingly small details to make sure clients feel comfortable.  

One of the ways to get people to leave positive reviews is to make sure each person feels 100 percent comfortable. That means creating an environment that makes clients feel at home. Intentionally set up a space that lets customers feel just like they’re at home reclining in their favorite chair, said Jairo. 

Music is a key factor, and it’s tough to choose one genre of music. But make sure it doesn’t have any profanity. And also pay attent to dress code, which is very important. "For example, I make sure that I wear casual dress clothes on Fridays and Saturdays to create a more professional type of environment in his shop. And I train my barbers to do the same," he said.

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Avoid Common Pitfalls to Earn More Reviews

One of the most common reasons that many professionals fail to receive five star reviews is that they leave clients with a negative experience. And that’s an easy problem to solve, said Jairo.  

A vast majority of negative reviews happen because the appointment doesn’t start on time. Make absolutely sure that you never keep a client waiting, after they’ve confirmed an appointment. Failing to make that small step can do you a lot of harm behind the chair, he said.  

Another easily avoidable problem that a number of industry professionals fall into involves unexpected fees for no-shows or cancellations. That’s a big cause for negative feedback. And it can take away from the number of five star reviews that you can receive.  

Communicate your no-show and cancellation policies up-front to help reduce any surprises. And if you have to charge a fee for a no-show or late cancellation, do it right away. When you mark the client as a no-show, remember that the automatic review request will be canceled.  

Also remember that if you wait past that hour, the client will still get the review request, and along with it the opportunity to write you a bad review, even if it was their bad for pulling a no-show.

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