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Every nail salon owner dreams of creating a haven where clients can enjoy beautiful nails and relax in a pampered environment. It’s also essential to make the salon a fantastic place to work. However, these goals can be disrupted by recurring no-shows, late arrivals, children running around the salon, and payment problems. The solution to these issues is straightforward: implementing the right rules and regulations.

No-shows and late clients

Customers like these can turn your nail salon into a disaster zone in no time. Before you open for the day, you admire your nearly-full appointment schedule and can’t help but smile. But hours later, you’re regretting your entire career. A customer booked for 12 o’clock hasn’t shown up yet (it’s 12:20), so you take the next client, only to have the tardy one walk in, spewing excuses for their absence and demanding immediate attention. Then, there are customers who, right before their appointment, seem to vanish off the face of the earth and are never seen or heard from again. While that’s not a common reason for no-shows, it certainly feels like it. Such clients can turn your workday into a nightmare. Even one or two no-shows and late clients can throw your schedule off course. However, you can significantly reduce this issue by implementing your own nail salon rules and regulations.

When looking to eliminate no-shows, create a list of rules and include information such as:

  1. What counts as a no-show: Explain how they disrupt your work schedule and affect the customer experience.
  2. The number of no-shows before booking privileges are revoked: Most salons accept up to 2 no-shows. After this, you may want to deny the client from booking again or require a non-refundable deposit.
  3. Acceptable/unacceptable excuses: Did the client inform you ahead of time? Were they dealing with a serious matter? Make sure clients know which reasons are acceptable and which are not.
  4. Enforcing prepayment: Require repeat no-show offenders to prepay for their upcoming visits to avoid further loss. Use Booksy’s No-Show Protection to enable required prepayments and/or cancellation fees.

Managing Kids in the Salon

Every nail salon has to deal with unruly children from time to time, often with little enthusiasm. It’s understandable – your client couldn’t find a babysitter or didn’t think their child would cause any problems. But as soon as your customer and their little one (or little ones) walk through your doors, you get a gut feeling that it’s going to be a long day. While children who are respectful to you and their parents are a godsend, more often than not, they run around, cry, yell, and grab at your equipment. The countless attempts to calm them down are often futile. This behavior is disruptive not only for you but also for other customers. Imagine trying to relax while getting your nails done, only to be startled by a child screaming and kicking at the next station. Chances are, that customer isn’t going to book with you again soon.

If you have a strict no-children policy, make sure customers are aware of it. However, if you’re open to having clients bring their kids, you may want to establish nail salon rules and regulations for them.

Consider covering the following:

Employee Guidelines

Creating a harmonious and productive work environment is crucial for running a successful nail salon. Establishing clear rules and regulations for your employees can help ensure consistency, professionalism, and a positive atmosphere. Here are some key guidelines to consider:

By setting these standards, you can create a positive and efficient workplace that benefits both your employees and your business.

Payment Issues

You thought we wouldn’t cover this issue? Well, we saved the best for last! Like most business owners, nail salon owners have a seemingly never-ending list of things to pay for—from water, electricity, and rent bills, to equipment maintenance, staff salaries, and supplies—not to mention personal expenses. Thankfully, your loyal clientele helps cover these costs. All is going well until your 10 o’clock appointment walks in for their manicure and pedicure. You do their nails while chatting away, and everything seems fine. The customer is thrilled with their nails, but just as you’re about to ring them up on the register, they say, “Hey, there’s something I forgot to tell you…”. Your nail tech senses kick in, and you realize your customer can’t pay for their treatment. They start explaining, offering to babysit your children, wash your car, or even walk your cat—how infuriating! You’ve honed your craft for years, only to have it compared to a car wash—seriously?

What you need are clear nail salon rules covering payment matters. Make sure they include:

To make payments easier and more comfortable for both you and your clients, Booksy offers a new Tap to Pay feature. This allows seamless and secure transactions, ensuring you get paid on the spot without any hassle.


Running a successful nail salon requires more than just great skills and loyal clients—it demands clear and effective policies to manage no-shows, late arrivals, unruly children, and payment issues. By implementing these essential rules and regulations, you can create a more professional and pleasant environment for both your clients and your team.

With Booksy's comprehensive salon management software, you can effortlessly communicate these policies to your clients and streamline your operations. Plus, with our new Tap to Pay feature, handling payments has never been easier or more convenient.

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