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Between back-to-back appointments and consultations, every second matters for beauty and hair professionals just like you. Clients trust you to deliver show-stopping results and smooth payment processes as well.

At Booksy we’re excited to introduce Tap to Pay, our newest feature making getting paid faster and easier than ever! Imagine accepting secure, contactless payments with just a tap on your phone. No more fumbling with cash, awkward conversations on transactions, or connectivity issues on your terminal – just a smooth, streamlined process that keeps your business flowing.

With Tap to Pay, your iPhone becomes an instant point-of-sale (POS) terminal, enabling clients to pay effortlessly using contactless cards or mobile wallets. Built right into the Booksy Biz app, you'll enjoy seamless integration without the need for additional software or applications.

Get ready to revolutionize your payment process, boost efficiency, and bring you and your clients' unmatched convenience with Booksy's Tap to Pay – the ultimate secret for thriving in your business.

Key Advantages and Seamless Integration of Tap to Pay

As a nail artist, barber, or beauty professional, you deserve an efficient and secure way to manage transactions. Tap to Pay is here to change the game and empower your business like never before. Check out these amazing benefits that will keep you and your clients smiling

  1. Instant Payments with a Single Tap: Accept client payments effortlessly and efficiently – just a tap of their contactless card or digital wallet on your phone gets you paid.
  2. No Additional Hardware Required: Your smartphone is all you need to process payments. Say goodbye to carrying extra hardware or investing in additional equipment.
  3. Quick Setup and Seamless Integration: Get started with Tap to Pay in just minutes. Enjoy seamless integration with the Booksy Biz app, combining your business management and payment processing in one convenient platform.
  4. Secure transactions: Tap to Pay payments are protected by your phone’s built-in security features. Card numbers are not stored on your device after processing.
  5. One app for everything: No more switching between apps. Accept payments, track your income, and get paid – all on the Booksy app.
  6. Transparent fees: Just 2.49% + $0.20 per transaction, so you only pay when you’re getting paid.

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Try Booksy's Tap To PayTailored Solutions for Your Business Success

Transform your days, get back time, and elevate client experiences with Tap to Pay on the Booksy Biz App. Designed to meet various business needs, this innovative feature brings convenience, efficiency, and satisfaction to the forefront. Discover how Tap to Pay can benefit different professionals in the industry and find the perfect fit for your business.

For solo barbers, Tap to Pay simplifies contactless payments by allowing you to accept transactions directly through your iPhone. This eliminates the need for additional hardware, ensuring a smooth experience for both you and your clients.

Nail artists can streamline their workflow with Tap to Pay's seamless integration into the Booksy Biz app. Manage your business and accept payments all in one place, making it easier to stay organized and focus on providing exceptional service.

Massage therapists will appreciate the flexibility of Tap to Pay, which transforms your existing iPhone into a contactless payment terminal. Accept payments on-the-go and offer a professional, efficient experience for your clients, no matter where your services take you.

In a bustling salon environment, time is crucial. Hair stylists can rely on Tap to Pay for quick and effortless client checkouts using just their iPhone. You can keep appointments running smoothly and maintain high client satisfaction by eliminating the need to search for terminals or wait for connections.

Tap to Pay caters to the unique needs of various beauty and hair professionals, providing the perfect solution that enhances day-to-day operations and client interactions. Explore the possibilities and witness the positive impact Tap to Pay can have on your business.

Getting Started with Tap to Pay in Simple Steps

At Booksy, we believe in empowering you to focus on your craft. Whether you're wielding scissors and style, kneading away tension, or braiding intricate masterpieces, a seamless payment experience should be the least of your worries.

Introducing our simple setup guide for Tap to Pay! Follow these effortless steps to unlock the power of secure, contactless payments with just a tap. Imagine – less time spent on admin hassles and more time dedicated to delivering exceptional service to your clients. Now that's a transformation worth experiencing.

With Tap to Pay you can accept in-person, contactless payments, right on your phone. It’s quick, secure, and easy. No extra terminals or hardware needed, and no more switching between apps. Just select Tap to Pay as the payment method at Checkout, and unlock the easiest way to get paid.

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Embrace Tap to Pay and Unlock Endless Possibilities

Ready to elevate your business with Tap to Pay? As a beauty or hair professional, you now have the power to simplify payments, reduce wait times, and delight clients with a seamless experience. Don't miss out on this game-changing feature that's tailor-made for your industry. Take action today and unlock the full potential of Tap to Pay for your business. Transform your payment process, elevate your services, and watch your business flourish in the modern age of contactless transactions.

With Booksy's Tap to Pay, you're in control. Focus on your expertise, streamline your workflow, and deliver exceptional service with confidence. Leap and experience the future of payments. Unlock the full potential of a truly streamlined business. Experience the powerful combination of Tap to Pay with features like appointment scheduling, marketing tools, and detailed analytics.

Join the thousands of professionals who are already thriving with Booksy. Take control, streamline your workflow, and elevate your client experience.

Download the Booksy Biz app now and let Tap to Pay to transform your business!

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With Tap to Pay on iPhone you can accept in-person, contactless payments, right on your phone.

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