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Unlike paying for insurance and getting your licensure in order, naming your barber shop business should be fun, right? As a creative entrepreneur, choosing a unique and fun name might feel like the easy part. But when it comes time to choose a name, many owners get stuck. So - what’s so difficult about coming up with a good name for a barber shop?

The truth is that naming your business might actually be more important than you think. The name you choose for your barbershop will have an impact on the way your brand is seen, your visibility in the marketplace, and the feel of your shop. To keep you on track, let’s take a look at the most common naming blunders and check the list of barbershop name ideas that ensure success!

What defines a good barber shop name?

Let’s start by determining what are the key characteristics of a money-making barber shop name. Most importantly, it should be:

Barber shop names - mistakes to avoid

How can you avoid choosing a barber shop name that doesn’t support the growth of your business? Our top tips are below:  

Don’t choose a confusing or forgettable name

What makes a business name unique? It’s not important to choose a business name filled with words that have never been used before – it’s important to choose one that accurately represents YOUR barber shop business and who you are as an owner. Although it may sound strange, originality is relative - the same exact name can make an impact in a particular neighborhood, as it’s never been heard there before, while in another area it may be regarded as uninspired and boring.

It’s crucial to do research (more about that in a minute) and not be guided solely by your own beliefs. Remember that sharing a business name with another barber shop in your close proximity will confuse customers, and can lead to losing clients or even getting a bad reputation, if some negative treats of your competitor are attributed to you by mistake.

The name must be catchy enough for the potential client to recall after the initial contact (think of seeing the banner on the street, coming across your post on social media, etc.) and original enough to not be confused with some other salon near you.

Remember to do your research

What do I need to know before naming my barbershop? Just a few questions can make the process much easier. 

Is there a barber shop with a name similar to mine in this town/city/district?
A quick Google search of the phrase “name + city” should do the job.

Who is my target audience? 
Some names may be more or less appealing depending on the demographic you are targeting. Are they professionals? Young adults? Traditional?

What are my core services? 
“Dye Hard” is a very cool name for a barber shop, but only if you actually offer coloring services. Your name should reflect the treatments that you provide, otherwise, it will be quite confusing.

What is my core aesthetic and business style?
A business name should not confuse the client. For example, if you choose a name that sounds very posh and luxurious while the rest of your salon has a completely different vibe, your customers may end up disappointed even if the quality of services is absolutely brilliant.

Are there any negative connotations associated with this name?
“Cut-throat Gangsters” is catchy and you may like the slight edge that it comes with, but it might evoke vibes of violence and instability in your customers. We want your barbershop name to be fun…but functional.

Don’t put the “cool factor” over social sensitivity

Unfortunately, sometimes in the pursuit of the coolest-sounding name, we ignore how it can be perceived by other people. For example, a name like “Gentlemen’s Club”  could be fun, but it may sound exclusive to female or non-binary clients. Also, avoid using words that have their origins in cultures you are not a part of - making someone’s culture a marketing gimmick is not a good look. Finally, be careful when using slang words or puns with sexual innuendos - they easily can make your business seem immature and tacky at best, and offensive at worst.

Overall, the best way to ensure your name does not take away from your business is to research the name and ask for feedback. Make sure you are talking with people from different cultural backgrounds, different ages, and genders, and pay special attention to the opinions of those who are your target audience. Ask specific questions (“Is this name easy to remember? Would this name make you willing to visit my barber shop? What associations does this name make for you? What quality of service would you expect from a business name like that?”) and be ready to face honest feedback.

50 barber shop names ideas to take inspiration from

Finally - the list you came here for!

Classic barber shop names

Classy Cuts
The Jazz Man
Lads Lounge
Urban Shave
The Barber House
Noir Barbers
Brilliant Barbers
Blade Barbershop
Urban Barbers
The Mustached Man
Good Looks Lounge
The Art of Shave
Tailed Cuts
The Art of Looking Fine
Old Days Barbers
Gentlemen’s Grooming
Pristine Barbers
Of Scissors and Shears
Golden Clippers
Hair Brotherhood
Trim House
Razor Kings
Big Bro’s Barbershop
Razzle Dazzle Barbershop

Funny barber shop names

Cut Me Loose
Cut Above
Sideburns Club
Bushy Barbers
Jack of All Fades
Praise the Cut
Hair Affair
Head Office
Jack the Clipper
Fade o’Clock
Fade Factory
Snip to Snip
His and Hairs
Cut Me Some Slack
Hair Drive
Curl Up & Dye
Hot-headed Barbers
The Shave Cave
Sharp Ideas Barbershop
Men’s Manes
Dye Hard Barbers
Shear Luck

Now that you have the Booksy best practices for naming your barbershop, all that is left to do is to get down to it! Once your brand is established, get familiar with the most respected name in the world of barbershop software - Booksy. With features that boost your visibility, get you more sales, and make everyday operations much more effective, Booksy is so much more than just a booking system. Try it for free and judge for yourself!

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