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Barbers and stylists have a host of networking opportunities to share resources and support one another. But where does that leave nail techs? Many nail experts say they have a tough time finding spaces where they can foster a sense of community or successfully collaborate. For that very reason and many more, we’ve created the Booksy Nail Community Rep Program. 

This new and exciting venture is designed to help bring the nail community closer together—especially nail techs who want to use fellowship to take everyone’s work to the next level. The only step that it takes to join the Booksy Nail Community Rep Program involves submitting an application via a Google Form. And after every application has been reviewed, accepted members will get the chance to educate, mentor, collaborate, and promote their brand. 

Spend the next few minutes reading about the Nail Community Rep Program. Learn about the application process. Find out why three talented nail techs from very different backgrounds have already joined and are ready to take part in this unique fellowship opportunity. And better understand the work that actual nail techs are performing to build this program from the ground up, so that industry newcomers, experienced techs, and everyone in between can benefit. 


Details about the Nail Community Rep Program

If you’re a nail tech who’s been a Booksy service provider for at least three months, then you may have already received a message inviting you to join the Nail Community Rep Program. And that’s because we created it to help nail techs across the country reach the next step in their career by working more closely with fellow nail professionals. For everyone who’s interested, here’s a few more details about the application process, requirements, and perks: 

Application Process 

Applying for the Nail Community Rep Program only takes a few minutes. But be prepared to answer a few questions about your work. More specifically, know that we ask the following questions or require answers to the following prompts: 


Another benefit to the Nail Community Rep Program is that there’s no set amount of experience that individual members have to achieve. Instead, we’d simply like to make sure that every nail tech who participates in the program meets the following requirements: 

Upon Acceptance

After being accepted into the Nail Community Rep Program, there’s a host of perks. And that’s to make sure the program encourages its members to keep pushing forward in the nail industry. Here’s a few of the benefits to joining:


Naja Nail Guru on Becoming a Nail Community Rep

As one of the first professionals to join the Nail Community Rep Program, Naja Nail Guru feels fully prepared to roll up her sleeves to reach out to industry newcomers, share resources with seasoned nail techs, and fully support everyone in between. And that’s because “the Nail Community Rep Program is a place to share, uplift, and support. Here, nail techs can get help, but they can also share what they’ve learned—so that everyone can grow,” said Naja. 

For anyone who needs a reminder, Naja moved to Los Angeles, California two decades ago. At the time, she only had a few hundred bucks to her name. But she also had the desire to express herself through nail art. Today, she’s a Booksy Ambassador, online influencer, educator, platform artist, and celebrity manicurist. Naja’s become one of the most widely recognized techs in the industry. And she’s proud to share her resources while encouraging others to do the same. 

“My model is for each one, teach one, so that each manicurist can support the next—whether it’s supporting others in their work or celebrating their accomplishments. My support may involve showing newcomers how to use the Booksy app. to start collecting deposits and implementing cancellation fees. Or it may mean supporting nail techs still learning how to stand up for themselves in this industry by better understanding their worth in regards to pricing,” she said.

Kayri Pozo Joins the Program

The list of Nail Community Rep Program members is growing longer every day. Kayri Pozo joined the team early on, and industry pros are quickly recognizing all that she brings to the table. And that’s because of the waves she’s been creating as a business owner, online influencer, nail health advocate, Clubhouse chat host, and an educator. She’s also in the works of releasing her own product called Liquiplx Nails, which moves into the cosmetic lab formulation phase next year, while Kayri completes her team of investors. 

For Kayri, the Nail Community Rep Program means offering her resources, just as much as it represents learning from others who have traveled the same professional roads that she’s currently navigating. And that puts her in a unique space. Kayri can relate to nail techs who've been renting a station inside a salon for a few years. But she can just as easily relate to industry pros currently investing in their next business venture or product line.

“So, I feel like I'm in the middle of those two—recent nail tech grads with some experience but also very seasoned nail techs. Being in that sweet spot actually gives me the ability to help facilitate nail techs in both areas. I can speak with hungry newcomers who want to expand and maybe work with celebrities. But I’m also able to work closely with salon owners and fellow entrepreneurs who are already invested in areas where I want to grow,” Kayri said. 

Christina Louis Shares Her Story

For Christina Louis, the industry represents so many things, but growth and a fresh start are at the top of the list. At a young age, Christina left her toxic home environment. But that led to brushes with the law and even a stent of homelessness. Working with the Nail Community Rep Program has been a light at the end of a dark tunnel. And even though she’s just now letting herself feel the warmth of that light, Christina is ready to share her glow.

As the sole owner of an at-home nail studio, Christina regularly speaks with aspiring salon owners to help them learn about the red tape that local officials require to open a salon space. That puts her in an excellent position to be able to help others with that process. But Christina is also ready to soak in the knowledge from industry juggernauts like Jenny Bui at upcoming Booksy nail events—which makes Christina a member who is ready to give and receive. 

“A lot of young entrepreneurs don't know that your attitude is everything. They're losing clients because of their attitudes. No matter what you're going through in life, your attitude should not affect your client. I can honestly say what I love the most about my business is my clients. Because my clients bring out the best of me. And I want to help nail techs understand that once you find people that trigger the best in you, they motivate you even more to be your best self,” she said.


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