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Ready to make the most out of your Booksy account and Get Discovered? Well, this February is the time to create your perfect Booksy profile and enter it to win. In three separate competitions, we will be searching for the best business profiles in the following categories: barbers, hairstylists, and brow & lash artists.

Four of our Booksy Ambassadors will be judging three individual competitions. Those judges will be none other than Barber AROD for barbers, Kim Kimble and Alfredo Lewis for hairstylists, and Yessi for brow & lash artists.

This two-week competition is designed to help bring more attention to the business profiles on the Booksy Marketplace. And aside from getting discovered by industry leaders, the top profiles in each competition will also win cash prizes, including a first prize of $1,000!

These three competitions are only open to barbers, hairstylists, or brow & lash artists who use Booksy and live within the United States. But if you’re not a current Booksy Biz user, that’s not a problem! To start using Booksy, click the appropriate competition site. Then select the "Create Your Free Profile!" button to start a 14-day free trial between February 14, 2002 to February 27, 2022.


Win Big

Design your perfect Booksy Profile between February 14, 2002 to February 27, 2022. Then share it with the world via the @booksybiz Instagram account, so you can win big. We will post the complete list of winners online on March 14, 2022.


The top 3 winners chosen by each competition’s judge will receive the following:

As an added bonus, each competition will offer a special prize to the first entrants to finish their submissions—a Wahl Professional Massager! (a $50 value)


How to Enter

If you already have a Booksy account, simply spruce up your page and enter it to win. And if you’re just activating a Booksy account, use the following steps to create your account and then enter your profile in the competition:

Step 1: Create or Update your Booksy Biz profile

  1. Service Name
  2. Price / Duration
  3. Any Details you want to add (including photo examples!)

Step 2: Go Public

Step 3: Upload it onto Instagram

Open the Booksy Social Post Creator tool and make sure to choose the “Share Your Portfolio” option to share your best Booksy portfolio photo on Instagram. This step MUST occur for your competition entry to be official.

Don’t forget to follow and tag @booksybiz. Also follow and tag your Ambassador Judge in your message! 


Step 4: Follow & Tag

Follow and tag @booksybiz on Instagram in your posts, tag your Booksy Ambassador Judge, tag your beauty professional friends, and don't forget your industry hashtag.

Your Booksy Ambassador Judge will use your Instagram posts as the starting point to review and judge your Booksy Biz profile with the goal of selecting the top three winners for their competition based on the following details:


Rules and Regulations 

The judging will take place over two weeks, between February 14, 2022 to February 28, 2022. The complete set of rules for each Get Discovered on Booksy competition are available online:

Competition winners will be notified by email on Monday, March 7. Winners must respond to the email, including completion of any attached forms, within 48 hours or risk forfeiture of prize. Odds of winning depend on the number of entries received. Ambassador Judges will select winners from the cumulative collection of entries. To increase your chances of winning, complete the following tasks by the deadline:

Create the Perfect Profile

Make sure to follow your category competition’s Ambassador Judge on Instagram for all the top tips and tricks to make your Booksy Biz Profile stand out! And remember to share at least one photo using the ‘Share Your Portfolio’ option in the Booksy Social Post Creator for a chance to win.

Looking for a few tips on creating eye-catching pictures that turn all the right heads? Check out this short blog article on capturing professional images: Barbershop and Salon Photography, or read through the following list of best practices that summarizes the blog content.

Improve Your Photos

To make sure your barbershop or salon gets all the right kind of attention, here's a few tips on taking quality photos:

  1. Invest in lighting: two lights are ideal, but if you’re using one light, consider a ring light.
  2. Use backlight to highlight the color, shape, and hair texture of the client in the picture.
  3. Take advantage of natural light but avoid direct, blaring sunlight.
  4. Position your camera from different angles then choose the most flattering image.
  5. Only feature your best photos, since poor images can take away from your reputation.
  6. Pay attention to the background by tidying your work space to minimize clutter.
  7. Avoid using too much photoshop, which can make a photo look unrealistic.
  8. Consider hiring a professional photographer to best feature your work and workspace.
  9. Buy a quality camera to take the best pictures that will make your work standout.
  10. Keep practicing with your camera to learn to take the best photos.

Write a Winning Description

Feel free to also review this article that offers even more in-depth details on creating a great profile: Tips for Making Your Booksy Business Profile Stand Out. This article has tips on taking quality images, as well as detailed information on writing an engaging business description. Here’s a few of those tips to consider:

Ready to Enter?

Head to the Booksy competition site that applies to your work. Then enter to show us your PERFECT profile!


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