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Are you planning on opening your own salon and looking for good nail business names
Or maybe you are in the middle of a rebranding project at your current salon?

Either way, the question “what to name my nail business” many current and soon-to-be entrepreneurs. You already know that the name has to be catchy, memorable, have a nice ring to it, and fit your salon like a glove. Let’s take a look at a generous list of nail business names and establish which style they will be perfect for.

Nail artist working in a salon with a popular name

Choosing a name for an upscale nail business

Let’s start with chic names for classy, luxurious salons. Upscale names will be best for you if

Samples of upscale nail salon names:

Choosing a name for an artistic nail salon.

What about business names for nail techs that have a specific niche in creative nail art design? Artistic names will be best for you if:

Samples of the most unique artistic nail salon names:

Choosing a name for a welcoming nail salon.

Are you looking to create a vibe that suggests your salon is warm, cozy, and accessible? Welcoming names will be best for you if:

Samples of the cutest names for welcoming nail salons:

Choosing a name for a nail bar

Maybe your idea for a beauty business is to open a nail bar. If you want a nail tech business that supports customers who are on the go, nail bars keep service quick and casual. Samples of the best nail bar names:

Women discussing the name for a nail salon

Choosing a name that works on Instagram

Remember: no matter what nail business name you choose, you need to be able to share it on social media. Check that the Instagram username is available, make sure it’s relatively easy to spell out for those searching for nail tech business on Instagram and secure the username as soon as you’re ready.

Now that you have your perfect salon name, maybe you are in need of the best nail salon quotes and sayings to advertise and decorate your salon with. Whatever the case may be, make sure to check out our nail salon software that will help you on every step of your nail business journey - from just starting to perfect your craft!

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