A Collection of the Best Nail Salon Quotes and Sayings

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We all love a shareable, relatable, quote. As a business owner, having a library of quotes that get your customer’s attention is a valuable asset. Use them to advertise services, share on social media, decorate the interior of your salon, or spice up text messages and newsletters. You can use funny or light-hearted quotes to get your clients smiling or play with more motivational or thought-provoking lines that evoke a more thoughtful feeling.

Whether you own your own salon or rent your chair, there are quotes that will resonate with your clients while they are getting pampered.

Humorous quotes for nail salons

Cheerful manicure and pedicure quotes are an easy way to establish an upbeat atmosphere right off the bat. You can use them to make your social media posts more engaging and communication with clients more friendly. They also make great wall decor - you can go with a lightbox, wall decal, or poster.

Inspirational nail salon quotes

Quotes for nail technicians and nail salons don’t always have to be quirky - you can go with something more motivational and inspirational. These thoughtful nail quotes are perfect for Instagram or Facebook if you are looking to create a more serious post. If you’re announcing rebranding, welcoming a new team member, or celebrating a business milestone adding an inspirational quote can grab attention AND add meaning to your post. Like everything though…use moderation! Too many inspirational or thoughtful quotes can cross over into unrelatable or pretentious. Here are some that you should try:

You can also use inspirational nail quotes from famous people associated with the world of beauty to start conversations and establish your brand identity.  Tammy Taylor, the American nail educator and philanthropist who has been revolutionizing the industry since 1983 is a real treasury of inspirational manicure quotes - as is Essie Weingarten, the founder of Essie Cosmetics. You can also reach for great nail quotes from Prabal Gurung, the world-famous fashion designer, the American actress Holland Roden, and the one and only Audrey Hepburn.

No matter if you are creating a new marketing campaign, want to publish an engaging post on your social media pages, or looking to renew your salon’s interior, nail tech quotes are here to make your goals easier to reach.
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