Keratin Complex and Booksy Announce an Exciting Partnership

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Just in time for the busy holiday season, Keratin Complex and Booksy have teamed up to create an exciting, new partnership that’s designed to support stylists and salon owners by offering an exclusive discount for beauty pros who want to grow their businesses. 

To kick-off this partnership, Keratin Complex is offering the most versatile keratin treatment in their product line. This partnership is designed to help transform and increase revenues for independent professionals and salon owners. The offer is only available to new Booksy service providers. But activating our app to participate only takes a few short minutes. 

Providers who take full advantage of this offer will get to access Booksy, the top scheduling app in the beauty industry. And we're offering our software for a discount. Taking part of this offer also means saving on top of the line keratin treatment products. So, get ready to attract more higher-end clientele. Or consider a service price increase, after stocking up on quality products, just before the potentially lucrative holiday season hits.


Keratin Complex and Booksy Create a Partnership

Part of the reason this partnership is so important is because of the science that’s behind Keratin Complex professional products. For those who may need a little bit of background, know first and foremost that keratin is a fibrous protein. It helps hair form its natural structure. 

By offering clients a keratin protective shield around their hair, industry professionals are able to help their customers grow stronger, healthier, and more voluminous hair. And that’s why this partnership is so unique—providers can use it to enhance the hair health of every client. More specifically, through this promotion, beauty professionals are eligible for the following:

Get an exclusive Keratin Complex EBO product bundle for just $139 (normally priced at  $200). The bundle includes a 4 ounce EBO System Kit, 33.8 ounces of Color Care Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner, Shine Spray, Texturizing Spray, and a treatment guide

Earn 50% OFF the first month of Booksy, and participate in a free virtual business building webinar that’s scheduled  for November 14th at 3pm CST. It will stream live on the Booksy platform. And it will feature the following industry experts: Keratin Complex Director of Education Paul Dobbert, educator Deandra Pearce, and a Booksy product specialist.

Participate in the upcoming webinar on mastering the Keratin Complex Express Blow Out to continue learning  more information about this and other exclusive offers. To register, simply click on the following link: Master the Keratin Complex Express Blow Out with Booksy. Then follow the instructions to take advantage of this free educational opportunity. 


More Information about Keratin Complex 

Make sure to check out the Keratin Complex professional website for more information about their product line. But know that they’re a leading full-service professional beauty manufacturer founded over 15 years ago. During that time, their company gained national and international recognition. And they've mastered the art of creating revolutionary keratin smoothing treatments to turn heads.  

The secret behind their success is that Keratin Complex understands the key to manufacturing products that are gentle and effective. However, those same products still harness the power of keratin treatments without damaging hair bonds. Throughout their successful career, Keratin Complex has introduced a number of innovative products. In particular, the KCMAX is their strongest smoothing treatment. 

“Since Keratin Complex launched in 2007, the brand has provided products, education, and support for salons to grow their service revenue and grow their business. By partnering with Boosky we are building on that heritage—combining our respective expertise, products and audiences to help beauty professionals thrive!  We are confident this is the start of a wonderful partnership,” said Zoe Hyams, Senior Vice President, Marketing & PR, Keratin Complex.

Additional Details About Booksy

The world is full of companies teaming together to offer quality products. But this project is unique in its sincere effort to give back to the beauty industry. Our aim is to continue bringing resources to service providers, especially during the most challenging time of the year. 

“At our core, both companies have a common goal—to help beauty professionals grow their business. Keratin Complex does it through their revenue generating keratin treatments, programs and education that delivers beautiful hair and happy salon clients every day.  Booksy does it through streamlining all aspects of booking appointments, finding clients, and providing unparalleled efficiencies and tools to help manage a busy business through our award-winning app,” said Dee Hadley, Head of US Marketing at Booksy.

Booksy helps industry professionals better manage their businesses anywhere, anytime. And that means our software helps service providers access the resources they need. Additionally, our tools keep businesses running smoothly, especially during busy periods—like the holidays. 

More specifically, Booksy Biz Pro and Booksy Biz Lite is our most recent software update. It offers a number of features and resources to help service providers. Our software helps with all aspects of booking appointments, finding clients, and providing unparalleled efficiencies and tools. And that's because we specialize in helping entrepreneurs run their businesses. 

To continue learning and growing with Booksy, keep checking-in for additional information. Learn about the partnerships, educational resources, and new software features on our horizon. Review our webinars and blog site for more information, and find out how to take your business to new heights by simply taking advantage of everything that Booksy has to offer.


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