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Ten years ago, Americans first started celebrating Small Business Saturday, a holiday that falls on the day after Black Friday and two days before Cyber Monday. This shopping event was created to encourage consumers to take a break from big retailers and support the small businesses that mean so much to us all. 

According to the Small Business Administration, more than half of Americans either own or work for a small business. Small businesses create about two-thirds of the new jobs in the United States each year. And the beauty industry in America has an estimated value of nearly $100 billion.  

Thousands of small business owners across the globe use Booksy to run their shops, salons, and wellness centers. Naturally, it’s our continued goal to keep supporting the efforts of small business owners who provide for themselves, their families, and their communities.  

This year, Booksy is celebrating this unique community of entrepreneurs by providing business resources and educational tips for small business owners. Keep reviewing our channels for more information. In the meantime, know that Booksy CEO Stefan Batory took some time to talk about why it’s important to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to do what they do best by providing software that encourages consumers across the globe to Book Small.

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Book Small to Create a Sense of Community

When it comes to small businesses, Stefan believes there’s at least two reasons why they’re so important. “First off, small businesses are the backbone of our economy. But they are also important from the community perspective, because small business owners give back on a local level.” 

Booksy aims to give these community leaders back their time and their energy by developing valuable online tools and creating programs. Stefan hopes that Booksy professionals get to spend more time serving their communities, rather than feeling weighed down by administrative tasks. In many cases, small business owners are single parents or people who work two jobs. They simply don’t have time to do it all.  

“It’s important to support entrepreneurs, because of their incredible potential to influence future generations. For every successful business owner, there will be others who try to follow those footsteps, once they’ve seen what’s possible,” said Stefan. “Setting examples and being a role model perpetuates movements that help whole communities advance and move forward.” 


Level the Playing Field

With regards to the different communities across the globe, it’s no secret that people come from different backgrounds. Those differences can give some people more opportunity than others. One of Stefan’s hopes is that through technology, Booksy will level the playing field, so people from every background have the opportunity to succeed. 

“The continued goal is to give small business owners the tools to help them catch up—no matter what their background is or where they want to go,” said Stefan. “And the hope is to help them catch up to people who have been in business for years, or those that have access to more resources, because everyone deserves to have a competitive edge.” 

Specifically, Booksy helps industry professionals balance their schedules and fill their calendars. Small business owners use Booksy to reach more customers and better communicate with clients. It also helps entrepreneurs earn more money by minimizing cancellations and reducing no-shows.  

“What we strive for is to provide a tool that helps small business owners showcase their artistry and be the best stylist or barber that they can be. And at the same time, we take some of the stress and hassle of independently running a business off their shoulders,” said Stefan.

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Adapt with the Times

Over the next three weeks, we'd like to create our own tradition. We want to thank entrepreneurs who in time become community leaders. Your time, your ideas, your passion. You’ve created our communities and we invest in you, above all else. And that's because you will pay it forward through the power of your dollar and by setting positive examples.  

Keep reading our blog posts, social media sites, webinars, and newsletters for additional information pertaining specefically to small business owners. Learn how to save more and earn more. Better advertise your business with our marketing resources. And reach more clients. Business savviness is key right now more than ever, while the world is still in the midst of a pandemic. 

Since COVID-19, appointments have become more of a necessity than ever before. So, become an expert at mastering the online tools available within our scheduling app. We simply want you to be able to do what you do best. To make that happen, let us handle some of the stress that you take on everyday. 

“Small business owners are under a lot of pressure both professionally and personally,” Stefan said. “Booksy helps them keep the balance. Our goal is to help them grow their business without sacrificing their needs or the needs of their families. For me that means more than just providing—they get to actually spend time with their loved ones. 


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