Booksy Earns Five of The Startup Weekly’s 2022 Awards

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At Booksy, we understand that our customers expect reliable appointment booking services and managerial tools. But it’s still an honor when our efforts earn recognition. Earlier this week, Booksy was recognized by The Startup Weekly as a recipient of five different awards: Software Companies to Watch, Diverse and Inclusive Employer, Customer’s Choice Employer, Founders to Watch, and Exceptional Workplace. 

Recipients of the Startup Weekly Awards were carefully selected from a pool of applications and individuals identified by The Startup Weekly editorial board. This year’s awards attracted a record number of applications across company stages in the United States. 

A panel of judges composed of top executives, founders, investors, and industry experts selected the award winners. And that panel evaluated each company based on a combination of an anonymous customer satisfaction survey, internal customer satisfaction and retention metrics, online and offline reviews, and industry recognition.

“It’s incredible to see the growth and success that they’ve achieved over the past year,” said Peter Justin, Managing Editor of The Startup Weekly. “It is inspiring to see entrepreneurs and business leaders make such a significant impact on innovation and economic growth in their respective industries.”

Earning Five of The Startup Weekly Awards

The goal in creating Booksy was to help people save valuable time and energy by booking appointments with ease. And today, our software just does that. It helps busy professionals better manage their businesses anywhere or anytime, and it lets customers book with the click of a few buttons.

“These awards serve as proof that Booksy really is an innovative project,” founder and CEO Stefan Batory. “It is the first Polish mobile application for online appointment scheduling that has become recognizable worldwide. We’ve set new trends and introduced a new level of quality customer service to the health and beauty industry.”

Our continued goal is to be a trusted partner for service providers juggling the complex, everyday issues that arise from managing a business in a fast-paced world. The Booksy software provides intuitive tools and responsive solutions to take care of exhausting administrative work, so clients get the absolute best from their chosen service providers. And accomplishing this mission will have a long-lasting effect on the beauty industry.

“At Booksy, our mission is to bring peace of mind to scheduling,” said Stefan. “Providing a cost-effective way to manage and increase digital bookings, reduce no-shows, and give customers what they want could help make small businesses and entire industries more resilient.”


A Unique Booking Experience

To best serve business owners and their clients, last year we recently released the most comprehensive software update of our career. And we aptly named that software Booksy Biz Pro and Booksy Biz Lite.

Our software makes booking easier for business owners and consumers. Booksy Biz Pro has tools to help teams create a rhythm. It’s a full-featured solution that’s available via mobile, tablet, and the web. It helps managers oversee every aspect of their business. For independent contractors who run their own show, there’s Booksy Biz Lite—the mobile-only business solution.

To best help service providers run their businesses, the new software has a number reporting features. More specifically, business owners can better identify their VIP clients, keep track of product sales, take note of the services that bring in the most revenue, and acknowledge busiest days and times. 

For any small business owners who want to learn more, check out our Booksy webinars. In-house experts host these webinars to spread their knowledge about the industry and how to best use Booksy resources. And clients are welcome to review the Booksy consumer blog for articles packed with equally relevant information.


A Few More Details About Booksy

People all over the globe are quickly recognizing our impact. Our software eliminates the stress from scheduling, and it helps small business owners best allocate their resources. In particular, business owners rave about the different in-app tools. Just a few of those include our marketing toolkit, social media templates, Boost, and COVID-19 features.

Providing these kinds of features kept many small businesses afloat throughout some very tough times. Roughly a year ago, our analysts reported that after making the switch to Booksy, business professionals:  


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