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While the most important aspect of your job is delivering the best possible results during a service, a client will take into consideration the entire experience when assessing your business. Here are ways of providing great client service to develop a loyal client base.

The appearance of your salon

A review claiming that your shop is dirty can be quite devastating. Your shop/station should meet the criteria for health and safety AND it should look neat. Stay organized, spend time between services/processes tidying up and keep tools looking presentable. Furthermore, your shop’s style shouldn’t be confused with clutter- decorations on the wall, not at stations.

Take cues from the clients in terms of conversation

Some people want to talk the whole time, others have trouble initiating talk or want you to talk, and some would prefer that chat was kept to a bare minimum. Try asking a few questions- you’ll be able to see quite quickly which applies and go from there.

Keep things positive- Watch what you say

Promote a fun, comfortable environment for all your clients! Respect is important.If you’re not careful about what you discuss or how you speak to others, you may end up alienating some people. Plus, profanities are not a good idea if you want to be a family-friendly business. If a client wants to discuss something, fine. Just remember that this should be a good experience for everyone in the shop and do your best to subtly steer clients away from language that violates your rules. (PS: also remember to watch what you say around clients, even with colleagues.)

Music and television

Both music and TV (like sports events) can add fun and set the tone for the shop. But these should be part of the background, not so deafening that people have to shout to be heard. (PS: Avoid repetition too. I once got a tattoo that did not seem nearly as painful as the fact that we listened to the same Red Hot Chili Peppers songs for four hours.)

Reading material

Apart from finding a style for a service, no one really wants to look at stylist magazines. Have something interesting to read for the kind of clients you cater to… and make it easily available while they wait for an appointment or sit for processing.Another easy way to keep most clients entertained? Phone chargers at the stations and free wifi. They’ll be able to look at exactly what they want… and love you for it.

Food and beverages

Most standard salons will offer the following for free: tea, coffee, and water (they’ll usually also have some juice/soda/lemonade as well). Make sure you offer these as soon as they come in for their appointment, and let them know they can request this at any time (also, easy access to a bathroom!). If you decide to offer other harder drinks (like beer/wine/whiskey) or food, check the rules in your area for this and make sure what you provide won’t conflict with the service.

Be punctual

If you want the client to be punctual, you should be too. So schedule your time carefully or make sure someone can get your client started if you’re running behind. Things like Booksy’s padding time, staff calendar and processing time can greatly help with this.Most of these tips are straightforward… but they make a huge difference! You want your clients to spend a LOT of time with you during your career, so make sure it’s time spent comfortably. Stay tuned for more ideas on how to make 2018 the best year yet for your business.<

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